European DanceAbility Conference from Oct 29th – Oct 31st 2015 in Trier, Germany

Alito Alessi and Emery Blackwell

European DanceAbility Conference

European DanceAbility Conference from Oct 29th – 31st 2015 in Trier, Germany

The overall subject of the DanceAbility Conference is participation of people with and without disabilities in art and culture as well as in different fields of work and living such as school, leisure activities and jobs.
DanceAbility is a method to develop effective, inclusive access to social interaction. Method founder Alito Alessi will share the DanceAbility method in his presentation and workshop. Moreover, he will share possibilities for using DanceAbility to create inclusive paths in personal and professional lives.
Furthermore, successful DanceAbility projects from Europe and the United States will be presented. In the spirit of cultural exchange, Dr. Karl M. Sibelius, director of the municipal theater of Trier, will take part as guest speaker. The conference will be moderated by Na Young Shin-Vogel.
The conference calls all professionals of theater and dance, pedagogy and school as well as all activists, facilitators, leaders and trainers of community projects and recreation activities. We welcome all people interested in DanceAbility and mixed-abilities dance. Find more information at and, and register at

DanceAbility is a movement and dance method for all people in any combination of people, to explore their own movement language and to experiences themselves in relation to the other and the community. DanceAbility was initiated in 1987 by Alito Alessi and Karen Nelson. Alito Alessi founded and developed the method of DanceAbility in an ongoing process. Alessi conducted DanceAbility projects in many countries and certified over 400 DanceAbility teachers worldwide up to the present day. DanceAbility confronts the problem of isolation, which we have created in our society. DanceAbility works with what is possible for all members of a group at one time. DanceAbility always teaches the same information to everybody. The principle is that all teaching is vice-versa. All people teach as much to each other. DanceAbility is used in many different fields, such as in contemporary dance-performance art, in schools and extracurricular education, in institutions for people with and without disabilities, in socio-cultural community projects and many more. The method of DanceAbility serves as a foundation to create the art of being together. All bodies can speak one language for one world.



Thursday 10/29/15
09:30 Arrival and welcome address
10:00 Opening of conference,
Na Young Shin (Moderation) Na Young Shin (Présentations)
10:15 Workshop, Alito Alessi, Oregon
12:30 Lunch break
14:00 Lecture, Alito Alessi, Oregon
14:45 Questions and Discussion
15:15 Break
15:45 Lecture, Dr. Karl M. Sibelius,
Director of Stadttheater Trier
16:30 Questions and discussion
17:00 End of the day

Friday 10/30/15
10:00 Opening, Na Young Shin
10:15 Lecture, Connie Vandarakis Michael,
10:45 Questions and discussion
11:00 Lecture, Paola Banone,
Dance Ability Italy
11:30 Questions and discussion
11:45 Lecture, Vera Rebl,
Dance Ability Austria
12:15 Questions and discussion
12:30 Lunch break
14:00 Workshop, Alito Alessi, Oregon
17.00 End of the day
19:00 Open presentation of
short ad hoc pieces,
with questions and exchange

Saturday 10/31/15
10:00 Opening, Na Young Shin
10:15 Lecture, Sally Davison, DanceAbility Finnland
10:45 Questions and discussion
11:00 Maja Hehlen and Anne Chérel,
DanceAbility Germany
11:30 Questions and discussion
11:45 Synthesis, Na Young Shin
12:00 Lunch break
13:30 Workshop, Alito Alessi, Oregon
16:30 End



Costs: Regular fee: 250 €, students 220€

Venue: Tuchfabrik Trier Wechselstraße 4-6 D-54290 Trier
Content: lectures, workshops and performances
Conference language: German and English with translation.
General conference management: DanceAbility e.V. Trier,
Organisational team: Maja Hehlen, Anne Chérel, Christina Zeretzke, Ulla Porr and Marina Idaczyk
The conference is being held in cooperation with: DanceAbility international, Tufa e.V., TufaTanz e.V., Erzéiongs- a Familljeberodung, Special Olympics and Turnverband Mittelrhein
With the kind support of Fonds Soziokultur, Rheinland Pfalz Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft, Weiterbildung und Kultur, Sparkasse Trier and the city of Trier


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A participation fee is to be transferred to the account of DanceAbility e.V. with the designation „DanceAbility Konferenz Trier 2015“ as well as your full name. A confirmation of your mandatory registration will be sent as soon as the participation fee is registered on the account of DanceAbility e.V.

Account information for DanceAbility e.V.:
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